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Sat, 9th Sept | 11:00 AM IST 
Live 3 Hour Workshop

Companies where our alumni are placed now

What will you learn?

Understand Consulting world - Firms & Profiles

Guesstimates & Market Sizing

Resume Building & Networking

Personalizing Frameworks

Case Interviews

Interview Preparation

Meet Your Mentors

Sankalp Chabbra

Consulting Coach

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Vidit Jain

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Hitesh Bhuraria

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Wall of Love 🤍

Sankalp sir gave an introductory understanding of basics. The examples he gave were amazing. He very well highlighted the use of cases, multiple options and how to zero down the solutions. He explained the whole concept using interlinked examples. Very well explained points such as how to use knowledge in an interview or how to link with skills required etc.

Shubham Mishra, IIT Kharagpur

Really appreciate the immense efforts taken by the team and Mr. Sankalp Chhabra to strategise the content and compile such a rigorous yet fun bootcamp! Honestly, even tho I had purchased the Pro plan even before the orientation session, I was a little skeptical about whether I will get quality content and timely guidance through the bootcamp. Now that I have attended the session, it is pretty clear to me the time and efforts CH team is putting into making our career a better one. 

Yash Aggarwal

I really appreciate and thank you for the guidance, support, and developmental feedback given in any session. I like the aspect that Sankalp Sir dedicates time and attention to queries of  members in the call. The efforts put in for each session are laudable... Thank you!

Shivangi Kumar

My most favourite mentor till now. I loved the session and the passion with which sir explained concepts from stats to whole network workings and protocol. The way of progressing the session, the basic to road map to market research was good and in detail to help.

Ekta Maurya, IIM Kashipur

The concepts were explained through interesting real-life examples and to make communication and understanding more effective, interesting, and engaging constant polls through the chat were conducted. The content of the masterclass was also amazing.

Kanika Tyagi, IIT Guwahati

The language was understandable. Also interaction with the attendees using examples and taking their answers made me get involved and learn from them too. This lesson helped me a lot in to improve my resume and learn how to initiate contact with recruiters.

Satwika Moona, IIT Kharagpur

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