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Free Product Management

Everything you need to build

your career in Product Management

13-14 May | 11 am - 4 pm IST

Companies where our alumni are placed now

What will you learn?

Product Management Basics

User & Market Research

Analytics & Tech Basics

Resume, Networking, Building Portfolios & PM Interviews

Meet Your Mentors

Sankalp Chhabra

Product Coach | Udemy Instructor

9.1/10 ⭐

6.6k+ Students, 40+ countries

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Vaibhav  Gupta

Product Leader | Udemy Instructor

8.6/10 ⭐

5.2k+ Students, 25+ countries

Community members from

Wall of Love 🤍

Sankalp Sir brings in really good examples to share with us, so that we understand the topics better. The effort really shows through. Also, love his energy and the breathing exercises in the beginning. Appreciate it all 🙏

Donal Chomal

How Sankalp breaks down every concept and go into conceptual details is what I love the most for instance, in today's session The best part was how you went into the depth of market sizing and the step by step approach to solve guesstimates.

Sukriti Sharma

This session was really good, as everything was explained in detail from both interview and corporate perspective

Shreya Singhai

Really appreciate the immense efforts taken by the team and Mr. Sankalp Chhabra to strategise the content and compile such a rigorous yet fun bootcamp! Honestly, even tho I had purchased the Pro plan even before the orientation session, I was a little skeptical about whether I will get quality content and timely guidance through the bootcamp. Now that I have attended the session, it is pretty clear to me the time and efforts CH team is putting into making our career a better one. Thank you for organising such an amazing bootcamp! Enjoyed the orientation and eagerly looking forward to further sessions!

Yash Aggarwal

Liked the way how doubts were cleared in this session. Also liked how one volunteer's responses were discussed and validated. Would like more of such things.

Kishore Narayan

The session was very interesting and engaging. Even big concepts were explained so simply. The examples given alongside was the major USP.

Akshat Jain

The feedback on every important point was given in detail, good points were appreciated and the open conversation helped in learning how these small details can make a huge difference.

Vaishnavi Hase

Doubt clearing session was easily comprehensible. I would recommend this to my friends looking for PM roles.

Q&A session, and some concepts discussed in Session with Mr. Vaibhav was explained in much detail that most participants appreciated the importance and utility of user research.

Antariksha Pattnaik

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